Lifelong Traveler & Tour Coordinator

As a travel specialist, I have 40 years of industry experience stemming from my early travel career within a leading airline company which allowed my travel interests to quickly flourish into conducting family tours for my colleagues at work. All of my various personal travel experiences drove my passion into launching my own travel and tour business: “A Perfect Tour”.

I get great satisfaction
in sharing my travel experiences

and working with the family of networks I have cultivated and grown to love. This enables me to help my clients create and share special moments with their loved ones and celebrate a truly remarkable experience abroad that will be remembered as a perfect trip. I use my significant travel knowledge and novel solution focused approach to go beyond what a usual tour provides. I listen carefully to what each person’s desires and expectations are when customizing a travel itinerary and remain as flexible as possible when tailoring the tour to meet many specific needs.

Over the years I have developed a deep passion for wines and vineyards which keeps me focused on incorporating exclusive culinary wine tours that allow my clients to explore the travel treasures of Europe as well as those of the wine regions of Prince Edward County and Niagara, Ontario.

Katrina Gall | Chef, Food & Wine Specialist
Katrina is a Red Seal trained chef and a graduate of the Italian Culinary Arts Post Graduate program at George Brown College. She is also a WSET level 3 graduate and a certified Italian wine scholar . As your guide her goal is to use her years of experience working in hotels, restaurants and catering companies across Canada and in Italy, coupled with being well versed in the Italian language and culture her training provides you with A Perfect Tour experience.

When she’s not working you can find her travelling, beer or wine tasting and trying to find the best new cheeses from around the world.

Tracey Ford / Director of Operations

Tracey has been an integral part of our team for 15 years handling reservations and administrative procedures for both A Perfect Tour and our sister company Riverdale Wines Inc.